The office


The law firm has a team composed of lawyers, interns, management and support professionals (see Staff). They have been working as team for the past ten years. Those lawyers come from a rich background, including professionals with work experience in companies’ law departments, offices with broad and general assistance to national and multinational companies, and specialized firms (see Practices Areas).

Post-graduating and post-graduated lawyers also integrate the team in many different areas regarding companies: contracts, tax, corporate, procedural law and labor law.

The law office also counts on a broad network of corresponding attorneys in all Brazilian states and in many other Latin American Countries. It has also performed very successful jobs in association with law offices headquartered in the United States, Italy, Germany and Portugal.

The office assists to its clients in all areas, relying on consulting lawyers for the most specific cases, especially regarding criminal and antitrust.

Its services are performed in litigations, consulting, or even in especial projects area. All the office’s main particularities in each of those spheres are indicated in the Practices Areas.

It may be in a conference, discussing case meetings, projects or contracts, our law firm is ready to answer its clients not only in Portuguese, but also in English, Italian, Spanish and German.