The office offers standardized litigation and specific litigation for especial cases.”




The office offers standardized litigation and specific litigation for especial cases. Our lawyers’ main concern regards the orientation, enlisting and building the evidences in the law suit. This involves an efficient communication, and, when preparing the petition, the correct indication of the important facts and the available evidences in each case.

Once the law suit or the defense are developed the office provides reports on the updates of the law suit, also giving periodic information for the management of the liabilities and the legal process. The office performs a constant work to get from its litigation professionals the preventive orientations to avoid future exposure, and to improve the quality of our clients’ defenses in each case.

The procedures above ensure that the firm has a constantly updated database of the law suits in course, to build and present reports on specific figures, on the causes for winning or losing the cases, and their division by sector, department or the client’s business unit.

The same occurs in controlling the provisions regarding the law suits in course. The provisions and recommendations are constantly followed by the office in three very important moments: the beginning, the end of the law suit evidentiary phase, and the decision. Any eventual change in the prognostic that requires reviewing any provision – may it be on the probability of winning the case or in the evaluation of the figures involved – leads to specific communication to the client.

In order to keep an efficient communication link with our clients, the attorneys responsible for the law suits are ready to give any answers in a tailored customer service when necessary or requested.

 The litigation involves areas such as: civil, labor, tax, administrative, consumer protection, corporate, family and estates.



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